What to expect from us

Discover our history

The Faro Punta Delgada Hotel started as a small family run business back in the 1970s. Back then, the are was not so common among tourists – as for foreigners, you could never see them. Things have changed overtime.

As the area received more and more notoriety, local hotels and other accommodation places started gaining popularity too. We only had two rooms when the business was established. It was not an actual hotel, but a pension or cottage. With time, we decided to move on. Starting with the 1980s, we upgraded our facility year by year. Our hard work and dedication towards customers took us where we are today – you an see for yourself. We run one of the top rated hotels in the area, while our customer service leaves no room for mistakes.

Things have become even better starting with the early 2000s. The area became a hot spot among international tourists – the South American style, great weather and cheap liqueur without being invaded by others.

Puerto Madryn might look amazing, but it is still anonymous, so you can have a fair share of tranquility. If you are into parties, the nightlife will not disappoint you either. All in all, you will manage to find the perfect middle solution.

Now that you know a bit about our hotel, what are the factors that drive us to keep is to clean and enjoyable for everyone?

We value you – without you, we would not be here. This is not really a cliché, but personal experience. We have started from scratch and we managed to get here by looking after our clients. We still adhere to the same values.

We aim to surprise you as soon as you get here. You will enjoy our warm welcome and feel like on holiday before you even check in. Our staff will look after you and ensure you have everything you might need.

We put a lot of attention in the impression we make, so our hotel is always tidy and neat. It still has that holiday feeling though.

Our amenities on site are extremely diversified. You have a massive swimming pool with a few areas for children – far from the adult only places. You also have a bar there, not to mention free Internet, room service, TV and others.

We are constantly improving ourselves. In other words, we add new facilities and amenities with every new year. We like to hear what made our clients happy, so we can do it better. We would also like to hear what they hoped to find here and they did not. This way, we can set it up for their next trip. It is an ongoing upgrade.