How Can You Store E-Liquid for Use?

    How Can You Store E-Liquid for Use?

    Most of you who have started vaping are frequently using e-liquid which is also known as vape juice quite frequently and you must have learnt about its use by now. It is also important that you must know how it has to be stored properly.

    So, let us learn about keeping vape juice in safe manner so that your family may also remain safe.

    Three main evils against e-liquid

    There are 3 forces that can interact with it and may change its composition. They are:

    • Air
    • Light
    • Heat

    We must understand how each of them works on vape juice that can eventually degrade this e-liquid.

    Heat and light both can enter into your vape juice and provide energy to its molecule. It will start moving faster as the liquid is heated up. They start creating chemical bonding and as a result, its chemical composition may get disturbed. You will notice the change of color.

    This change will be permanent and even remixing with fresh e-liquid will not really help much.

    Air may cause different types of risk. It may cause oxidation and the nicotine content present will get completely degraded. Though you may vape the liquid however you will not get any effect of nicotine.

    How to store this e-liquid?

    It is necessary that you must store your vape juicein a dark and cool place. It will be better to place it inside a cabinet so that it will never be exposed to light. Also, in every week, you must shake it well so that its ingredients remain mixed.

    It will be also better to store the e-liquid inside a glass bottle instead of using plastic one. That is because plastics are permeable and very high quality of plastic can also pass air through the bottle.

    Prefer to use very small sized bottle instead of large bottles so that there is no enough room for air be present within the bottle. Try to use 60 ml bottle of glass and keep it air tight and open it only when you want to use it.

    Many people think that it is better to store it in a freeze or refrigerator as it is both dark and place. However, there are few things that you need to consider while storing inside the refrigerator.

    Firstly, various chemicals present in e-liquid at very low temperature can also get damaged almost similar to if you allow it to remain in hot environment, and its ingredients may get disintegrated.

    Secondly, at very low temperature the e-liquid may get thickened and because of this you cannot immediately use it. You need to warm it and thereafter you can use it.

    Also, refrigerator may destroy some of its anti-microbial properties and due to this the e-liquid may get degraded and also your e-liquid may be contaminated.


    Keeping in view of above you must find a suitable place to store your e-liquid and you must not store large quantity of the e-liquid. It is necessary that you must consume it quickly so that you need not keep large stock of e-liquid with you. You can find a wide variety of vape juices at my favorite online vape shop

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