This is what you will find
at the Faro Punta Delgada Hotel

The Faro Punta Delgada Hotel is one of the most rewarded accommodation properties in Chubut, Argentina, as well as the leading name in Puerto Madryn.

Take advantage of a fairytale scenario in an exotic destination with anything you might need – from a nearby beach to private pools, restaurants and entertainment.

Located just minutes away from the city center, providing free Internet access and featuring all kinds of amenities, the Faro Punta Delgada Hotel is ready to welcome you to a new world. Whether you want to relax, party, swim or just enjoy some beauty treatments with your best friends, we have it all covered here.

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What to expect on site

and amenities

We keep improving round the clock. Our mission is to provide the ultimate place to relax and make this resort a home away from home.


Beautiful décor

You will be impressed by the Faro Punta Delgada Hotel as soon as you come in. The décor is made with style and quality in mind, not to mention comfort. Take a seat and relax in the lobby or have a drink on the terrace.

Sea proximity

If you like to blend in and experience the sea, you are just minutes away from it. You do not even need a car – just grab some sunscreen and you are ready to go.

Beauty treatments and spa

We know that to some people, the ultimate form of relaxation involves beauty treatments, massages, therapies and spa – we have it all covered.

Internet everywhere

We have a strong Wi-Fi network all around the property. No matter where you are, your signal will be perfect – share the best moments of your life with your loved ones back home.

Unique swimming pool

Here at the Faro Punta Delgada Hotel, we believe that water has healing properties. If you are not so much into heading down to the beach, you can always relax by our unique swimming pool – a small bar included as well.

A new cuisine

If you are not familiar with the South American cuisine, our restaurants will help you. However, even if you want classic dishes from other cuisines, our menus are extremely diversified.

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    Our room availability is updated in real time round the clock. A room might be available now and no longer available 15 minutes later, so hurry up.

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