Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo - Punta Delgada, Chubut, 9121 , Argentina


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  • Restaurante

The atmosphere is provided by ocher, whites and wood. Intimate and warm, tasting as home and
inviting smells. The experience of feeling at ease...
The specialty is the Patagonian lamb, which comes to the table captivating guests with an Argentine flavor.
The cuisine is complemented by a menu option to raise up; some original, and other tradicional to the hotel.

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Warm and simple, authentic sea and steppe, is to host elements of our history. Items used by the Navy, some of country life in the peninsula, and piles of the old port of Puerto Madryn with over one hundred years of history.
The pool table, cards, darts and board games are excuses to integrate those who are living the experience in Peninsula Valdes. An special place to share experiences and plan the next day.

Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo
Peninsula Valdes
Punta Delgada, Chubut, 9121 , Argentina
Call: +54 280 4458444 / +54 9 280 440 6304


Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo

Close to the beach the sea scent fulfills the air, animal sounds are always surrounding... In this scenery the elements interact... the potent tide dynamically challenges the coast… cliffs, caves and grottos are the architectonic outcome.. A unique emplacement for a charming hotel... Guarded by sea-elephants, huge males with prominent horns and intense gaze counter posed to female's mellowness, the hotel is quite singular…