Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo - Punta Delgada, Chubut, 9121 , Argentina

Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo

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THE HOTEL...it all begins in 1905...

It held originally the Post Office and Navy's facilities… yes, away from everything... Here Navy instructed lighthouses operators, then assigned to other destinations along Argentina's extended shores.
The lighthouse, as every night for more than a century, fulfills its mission, guiding boats. Is a witness of the transformation of the surrounding buildings into an isolated and charming hotel emerging from a rough soil.

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Its 27 rooms, restaurant and pub; they shows us the simplicity of Patagonia farms and offers the traditional warm service of its people…
Its layout honors the original structure, with five buildings concentrated in a small area, to serve the lighthouse and learn to operate it...

Special considerations:
-Electric power provided to rooms from 19pm to 8 am. From 12 to 16 restaurant and pub are provided electric power also.
-Wi-fi during electric power hours in pub area. Connection is intended for receiving and sending e-mail with small or none attachments and surfing the web. No down loadings, streaming (video watching), or heavy use is allowed since is a bounded satellite connection.

Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo
Peninsula Valdes
Punta Delgada, Chubut, 9121 , Argentina
Call: +54 280 4458444 / +54 9 280 440 6304


Faro Punta Delgada Hotel De Campo

Close to the beach the sea scent fulfills the air, animal sounds are always surrounding... In this scenery the elements interact... the potent tide dynamically challenges the coast… cliffs, caves and grottos are the architectonic outcome.. A unique emplacement for a charming hotel... Guarded by sea-elephants, huge males with prominent horns and intense gaze counter posed to female's mellowness, the hotel is quite singular…